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Retail MBA ELITE One-on-One 30 Day Coaching Program
Utilizing Her Time Test-Tested Proven Sales Methodology, Karen Waksman (Founder of Retail MBA) Will Personally Work with You So You Can Get into Chain Stores NOW!

It's Time to Accelerate Your Progress and Get Your Products into Retail Stores TODAY!

Have Karen Waksman, Founder of Retail MBA, Personally Create Your Distribution Strategy (Where the Money is For Your Business), Create the Perfect Sales 'Pitch' for Retail Chains so You Can After Them ASAP, the Ideal Marketing Collateral for Buyers so They Pay Attention to You and the Best Presentation for Buyers in General. AND Get all Of Your Questions Answered About Your Retail Business Over 30 Days!! 
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30 Day One-on-One Retail Boot Camp Program!
• Do you have a product that you think would be perfect for major chain store retailers?

• Are you serious about getting your products into stores NOW?

• Would you like Karen Waksman, a Retail Sales Expert with over 20 years of experience to help you get your products into those stores as quickly as possible?

This intensive 30 Day program is designed to FAST TRACK you through the process of getting your products into stores as quickly as possible. Let Karen Waksman walk you through the process of how she sold millions of units or products to the world’s largest retailers and how you can too!
4 - 60  Minute Weekly Training Sessions Over a 30 Day Period to Help you Expedite the Process of Getting into Chain Stores! (See Below for Details!).

• A Personalized Distribution Plan That Will Yield Results For Your Product Business!

• The Most Effective Personalized Plan to Prepare Your Product for Chain Store Success ie Packaging, Pricing, etc. 

• The Most Effective Pitch for Your Product That You Can Use When Reaching Out to Buyers AND When Meeting with Them!

Weekly ONE-ON-ONE Open Office Hours with Karen Waksman - Where You Can Get Your Most Pressing Questions Answered - Calls will be 60 minutes long and are on a first come first serve basis! Get Karen to help you with your particular product type!

Product Reviews - Send Karen Waksman Your Product information and she will review your product and give you her personalized suggestions on how to optimize your product for chain store success! Karen will provide an assessment of your product and give feedback on packaging, pricing, etc. 

Buyer Contacts - Receive a List of 5000 Buyers Direct Contact Information at the Top 100 Retailers so You Can Go After Retailers As Quickly and Efficiently as Possible at the End of the Program!

And much, much more!

To learn more about this program, keep reading!
1)   A Highly Targeted Distribution Plan For Your Business That Yields Results
Creating the right distribution plan for your product type is critical to your success. It can be the difference between you making money now or several years from now! If you want financial success with your product, you must ensure that you are only focusing your time and effort on money making strategies! Therefore, Karen Waksman will review your product and determine the BEST WAYS to generate revenue with your product! This includes retail, online, TV, catalogs, corporations and more! Most product companies aren't even aware of all of the opportunities available to them. With Karen Waksman's individualized support, will develop a personalized plan that yields results! Karen will train you on exactly how to create your own distribution plan - with homework assignments in a group setting. Once you completed your assignment - Karen will personally review your distribution plan and give you feedback!
Bottom Line - Karen Waksman will co-create the most highly targeted distribution plan that yields results for you and your business!
2) Winning the Game of Finding Buyers Contact Information – Create Your Bests List NOW!
One of the biggest problems people face when trying to sell to stores is that they can't find the right buyer's contact information at retail stores. Or they don’t know which retail buyers to target that would ensure the biggest return on investment!  And rightfully so! If it was easy to find a buyers contact information and know exactly who to approach, everybody would be contacting buyers directly :-). Therefore, Karen Waksman will personally show you exactly how to find buyers contact information FOR YOUR PRODUCT TYPE. She will show you tips and strategies on how to find the right buyer for your product type - strategies that only sales professionals know about and rarely share!

You will need to still figure out which buyer will most likely buy your product. Karen Waksman will train you and personally provide you insights on which buyers to focus on for your particular product!
Bottom Line - Karen Waksman will help you create the most highly targeted list of buyers contact information for you and your business!
3)   The ‘Secret Sauce’ Behind Karen Waksman’s Retail Success – Making Sure You are Truly Retail-Ready for Chain Store Buyers  
In order to get a buyer interested in your product, you must prepare your product for chain store success. Not only do you need packaging, pricing, logistics and many other factors in place in order to work with major retailers, you also need to do the necessary research to help you pitch to retailers. Some of the most brilliant product companies get rejected by retailers, simply because they weren’t quite ready to approach retail buyers.

Therefore, Karen Waksman will personally review your product and tell you exactly where you are missing the boat for retail chains. If it’s packaging - she will tell you what to adjust for your particular product, if it’s pricing, she will share insights on what would probably work for retail chains, if it’s your product itself - she will provide assistance in figuring out what to do or which product to pick for retail chains. She is here to support! And she will provide a basic outline on her assessment by the end of the 30 day program! One product review per company.
Bottom Line - Karen Waksman will assess your product and give you the most effective plan to prepare your product for chain store success!

4)   Perfecting Your Pitch and Interacting With Buyers
We have seen the most brilliant product companies get rejected by retailers, simply because they couldn't pitch their product effectively. Don't make this mistake with your business! During this Elite Bootcamp Program, you will learn how to develop the right pitch for your product type. You will learn what a buyer wants to know about your product and how to communicate your pitch in such a way that the buyer will be more inclined to buy. Karen Waksman will support your efforts by reviewing your pitch and helping you create the perfect pitch for chain store retailers! This will be critical to your success with retailers!

Karen Waksman will actually co-create a working pitch for one of your products! You will leave this program with a pitch co-created with Karen Waksman! She will review your pitch by the end of the program - to make sure you are on track! This is HUGE! One chain store order can 100x your business!
Bottom Line - Karen Waksman will co-create the most effective pitch for your product that you can use when reaching out to buyers AND when meeting with them!
5) Answer Your Most Pressing Questions
As a business owner, you are constantly wondering about certain issues you will have to deal with in regards to generating revenue with your product. During these sessions, Karen will answer you most pressing questions as well!

Schedule one-on-one coaching calls for 60 minutes each week with Karen Waksman. Have her walk through any question you may have about your business to help personalize this program even more! We will make sure that enough office hours are available to ensure a fair experience with everyone in this program! Not to worry!

Bottom Line - Karen Waksman will answer all your most pressing questions so you can get your products into chain stores NOW!
Cost for the Retail MBA Boot Camp Program (ONE SPOT LEFT FOR THIS PROGRAM) is $18,000

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Quick Recap of what you Receive with this Bootcamp Program:

Have Karen Waksman help you personally!

1. Product Review by Karen Waksman Personally - Tell you what to tweak edit, packaging, pricing, etc.
2. Four Training Segments Weekly - Exclusive for this Group Only

3. Done-With-You Pitch - Karen will help you create your pitch so you KNOW you have the perfect pitch for your product type
4. Done-With-You Distribution Plan - Karen will help you figure out exactly who to focus on for your product type - and she will personally review and make additional suggestions - this is gold! Save yourself a ton of time figuring this out
5. Sell Sheet Co-creation and Review by Karen Waksman - this can make or break your interactions with buyers. Karen will personally review and provide feedback and tell you what to fix!
6. One-on-One Coaching Calls with Karen Waksman - Calls over 30 Days -  60 minutes of personalized one-on-one coaching calls each week to help you expedite your way to chain store success!

This is a 30-Day One-on-one Coaching Program  - No Refunds on this Program!